Wildcard Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates are very popular within all kind of customers. They have a strong reputation of a great cost-savers and cost-effective products securing unlimited subdomains within the same domain name. No more need to purchase and manage multiple single certificates.

Most of Wildcard certs provide an unlimited number of server licenses, that means you can install SSL to all your servers and environments. All orders covered by unlimited free reissues and 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason.

Most popular and cheapest SSL certificates

Here is a short overview of the most popular Wildcard SSL certificates sold via our online store. Please check the complete list of all the products we offer in the above table.

Thesslcert QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

It is reasonable price domain validation SSL certificate to verify domain ownership in just 8-minutes. You can protect the website with all next-level sub-domains. Use QuickSSL Wildcard for small websites where organization identity is not critical at all

Thesslcert True BusinessID Wildcard

Wildcard SSL certificates have the same strong SSL encryption principals as any other GeoTrust SSL certificates. However, they are great helpers when you need to protect multiple sub-domains. Unlimited sub-domain protection comes with every Wildcard SSL. You can also install it to any amount of servers and environments you have with no extra cost.

Thesslcert Wildcard SSL

Wildcard certificates are one of the most popular products within all webmasters. They secure an unlimited amount of sub-domains, as well as a common name. Protect your client area, mail server or whatever you have on your sub-domain. You will get $50k warranty and professional support from our experienced and friendly team.

Thesslcert BusinessTrust Wildcard

Many large companies face issues securing multiple websites. It is easy to forget to renew SSL and painful to manage hundreds of certificates and private keys. Our Multi-Domain EV SSL protects up to 250 different domains with one key, one cert, and a green address bar. Moreover, it has unlimited server licensing allowing you to install cert to as many servers you want.

Compare Wildcard SSL

All Wildcard SSL certificates have almost equal technical features and created to secure unlimited sub-domain under the same base domain. The only exception is Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates that allow protecting multiple websites with unlimited sub-domains. It is highly suggested to compare certificates before the purchase.