Multi-Domain (SAN)

Multi-Domain SSL

Multi-Domain SSL certificates, also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC). SAN certs created to secure additional domains for office communication servers and Microsoft Exchange servers. That makes management easy and quick, you have same CSR/Key, same verification and same files to install.

Multi-Domain SSL certificates are able to support up to 250 domains and sub-domains within unlimited servers. You can add or modify domain names using free and unlimited reissues using our SSL management platform.

Most popular Multi-Domain SSL certs

Here is a short overview of the most popular DV certs by the supreme certificate authorities. The above table includes a list of all SAN certs available via our SSL store. Contact our managers if you are not able to find a specific certificate.

Thesslcert True BusinessID SAN (Flex)

One of the most popular multi-domain SSL certificate with organization validation is GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN certificate. The default price includes 4 SAN item and 1 domain from the CSR code. That means you can protect 5 different websites or multiple sub-domains. You can get up to 250 SAN items for an extra fee. The most professional and experienced team of GeoTrust would issue an SSL certificate quickly and with fewer troubles.

Thesslcert True BusinessID EV SAN

The buyers selection! One of the best multi-domain product with green address bar on the market. The default price protects 5 different domain names or sub-domains. The max amount of domains it can protect is 250. You can add and modify SAN items within lifespan of the SSL. Geotrust has best validation team and the renewal process normally takes just few minutes.

Thesslcert Multi-domain SSL (Flex)

The best way to save money and time on management using SAN (subject alternative name) certificate. Multi-Domain SSL certificate may protect sensitive information within up to 250 different websites or sub-domains. You can add, edit and modify domains within a lifespan of SSL. The price includes an SEO booster for search engines.

Thesslcert BusinessTrust EV SAN

Many large companies face issues securing multiple websites. It is easy to forget to renew SSL and painful to manage hundreds of certificates and private keys. Our Multi-Domain EV SSL protects up to 250 different domains with one key, one cert, and a green address bar. Moreover, it has unlimited server licensing allowing you to install cert to as many servers you want.

Compare Multi-Domain SSL

More than 20 different Multi-Domain SSL certificate is available within our SSL store. We have Domain, Business and Extended validation SAN certificates to fit any website needs. Compare Multi-Domain certs to find what you really need or simply contact our sales team to get assistance.